It’s not just a matter of who you know, but how you know them, what you know about them, and, when it comes right down to it, what you think about them. In this game, who you do things for—or against—is just as important as why you do them, and arguably both matter more than what you actually do.

Relationships are Traits associated with other Leads and Features. Anytime you roll dice, you may add a die to your dice pool for an applicable Relationship.

Your Relationship with another character may have as much impact on your success as a Distinction, Power, or Gear. When dodging a speeding car, it may not be your strength or speed that saves you, but the die you rolled that represented the woman you love. She is your reason to live—which helped you dodge that car.

Conversely, if you and your arch-nemesis (another player’s Lead or a Feature) are both chasing down the same bad guy, you might add your Relationship with your nemesis to your pool of dice for catching the bad guy because you just can’t let that person be the one to catch the crook. You give that extra oomph to your Action for the nemesis you can’t let win.

Remember, your die rating with another character doesn’t reflect how much you like him, but how strongly you feel about him. Sometimes the people we hate motivate our actions as much as or more than the people we love.


Your opinion about someone is what really matters. You definition of a Relationship not only adds more detail and drama to the story, it also gives your Watchtower ideas for exciting storylines and confrontations.

Your statement for each Lead and Feature you have a Relationship with defines your opinion of that character. Your statement should be one short sentence that sums it all up: The love of my life. I can’t stand him. She frightens me. I would follow him anywhere. He is reckless. I don’t trust her. (more examples at the bottom of this page)

This is a game where drama comes first. As you play through your own episodes, your experiences and impressions of the other Leads will grow and change. You will be able to challenge your Relationships and alter your statement for these characters to reflect those experiences.

Using Relationships

Drama happens when two or more characters interact, and drama is at the heart of everything that happens in game. There is more to an action than a simple roll of the dice. There are reasons why you do what you do, people your actions affect, and consequences that may follow.

When you make a roll, you typically include one Relationship die in your dice pool. When deciding which Relationship to add, ask yourself two questions: Who am I performing this action for or against? Does this action agree with the Relationship statement I’ve written for this Lead or Feature?

If you answer yes to the second question, describe how your character’s Relationship drives his dramatic action. If your answer to the second question is no, consider challenging the Relationship.

Challenging Relationships

Like all Traits dependant on emotions, Relationships are not stagnant. They change and grow at the speeds of the seasons, tides, or even hours of the day. This is doubly true in this game, where the day-to-day drama can cause hell and high water in the blink of an eye. Old friends become bitter enemies. Longtime foes find friendship and love. Odd acquaintances discover common ground on which to join forces.

Like Values, when you wish to take an action that’s in conflict with your Relationship statement for that Lead or Feature, you can challenge your Relationship and roll three dice instead of one in a Test or Contest. That Relationship steps back by one die rating for the rest of the episode, but in the tag scenes you can rewrite your statement and redefine your connection to regain the original die rating, if you wish.


  • Declare the challenge.
  • Roll triple the die rating you currently have in this Relationship.
  • Step the challenged Relationship back one die for the remainder of the episode.

Rewriting Relationships

Just as your own Values may shift and change over the course of a story, so too can your investment in other people. In fact, your Relationships with other Leads and with Features can change frequently, often dramatically. This is all part of the unfolding narrative in this story, and it keeps things interesting.

Your Relationships can be stepped back during the course of the episode by challenging them, but this doesn’t immediately affect your statement. Just as with challenged Values, at the conclusion of the episode, you have a chance to rewrite your Relationship statement and how your Lead sees the other person. This happens during a tag scene (see page 74) that involves that other Lead or Feature—or at least your Lead’s experiences with that person.

Any Relationship that was stepped back during the episode may be restored during the tag scene to its previous rating, but because you challenged it, you rewrite the statement to reflect your new perspective. Alternately, you can leave it at the reduced rating and add a die equal to its original rating to your Growth pool. Unlike Values, your Relationships can come and go without any reciprocal stepping up or back of other Traits.

You may also step up a Relationship during a tag scene by using your Growth pool, just as you would with Assets and Resources. You have to put work into a Relationship to make it better.


  • May only do so during a tag scene (at the end of an episode).
  • May step a Relationship up if you stepped it back during the episode by challenging it.
  • Must rewrite your Relationship statement if you’re restoring a challenged Relationship to its prior rating.
  • May step a Relationship up using Growth if you want to improve it more than its original rating.

Example Statements

Below is a generic list of Relationship Statements. These are just suggestions—instead of choosing from this list, use it as inspiration for writing your own statements. Get creative! And remember, your die rating with another character doesn’t reflect how much you like him, but how strongly you feel about him. Nobody said you couldn’t have a d12 Relationship with the statement I hate him and all that he stands for.

Die Statement
D4 TARGET was my moral compass
D4 TARGET is a dangerous threat.
D4 TARGET isn’t on my radar.
D4 TARGET is a silly rich boy playing at hero.
D4 TARGET is no threat to me
D4 TARGET doesn’t know what she’s dealing with
D4 TARGET is a second-rate Luthor
D4 TARGET can’t be trusted
D4 TARGET is a real charmer
D4 TARGET doesn’t know whom she’s dealing with
D4 TARGET is a pawn of greater forces
D4 TARGET is what’s worst about Krypton
D4 TARGET is highly-motivated
D4 TARGET is gullible
D6 TARGET is not the girl I loved in highschool
D6 TARGET can never be trusted
D6 TARGET knows what she wants
D6 There must be good in TARGET
D6 TARGET can take care of herself.
D6 TARGET is too far gone.
D6 TARGET is willing to make sacrifices.
D6 TARGET was my partner-in-crime.
D6 TARGET is better off dead.
D6 TARGET is an icon.
D6 TARGET is a mystery.
D6 TARGET wants to rule the world.
D6 Handle TARGET with care.
D6 I must play TARGET carefully.
D6 TARGET is a weak link.
D6 TARGET is a rebel with many causes.
D6 TARGET stands between me and love
D6 TARGET is helpful
D6 TARGET was pulling all the strings
D6 TARGET can’t be underestimated
D6 TARGET is a useful pawn
D6 TARGET can be trusted with secrets
D6 TARGET is a constant threat
D6 TARGET watches over us
D6 TARGET is as bad as he is bald
D6 TARGET is a real catch
D6 TARGET is well-connected
D6 TARGET Jones is strange but helpful
D6 TARGET is formidable
D6 TARGET deserves better than to be Brainiac’s suit
D6 TARGET is a mystery
D6 TARGET will help Kal-El become who he needs to be
D6 TARGET is part of Clark’s destiny
D6 TARGET will share my fate
D6 TARGET is destined for greatness
D6 TARGET’s attitude hides real understanding
D6 TARGET deserves the chance to exact justice
D6 TARGET keeps everyone in touch
D6 TARGET seems like an okay guy
D6 TARGET can handle herself just fine
D6 TARGET’s future is unrecorded
D6 TARGET is as smart as she looks
D6 TARGET is a lucky woman
D6 TARGET knows too much
D6 TARGET is a pawn
D6 TARGET would make a promising agent
D6 TARGET is an alien invader
D6 TARGET will learn to fear ice as well as fire
D6 TARGET’s heart is in the right place
D6 I didn’t mean to hurt TARGET
D6 TARGET knows more than she lets on
D6 I know TARGET is the Blur
D8 TARGET is my constant supporter
D8 TARGET is reckless
D8 Losing TARGET hardened me.
D8 TARGET is going to get herself in trouble.
D8 TARGET is always up to something.
D8 TARGET won’t make the hard decisions.
D8 TARGET is the one that got away.
D8 TARGET is playing with fire.
D8 TARGET is a useful pawn.
D8 TARGET is a great guy
D8 TARGET is out of this world
D8 TARGET is ruthless
D8 TARGET is going places
D8 TARGET gives a guy a break
D8 TARGET looks out for my son
D8 TARGET needs guidance
D8 TARGET is headed along a dark path
D8 TARGET works hard for us
D8 TARGET gets on my nerves
D8 TARGET is sweet and trusting
D8 TARGET is a manipulative liar
D8 TARGET is a wealthy adversary
D8 TARGET is keenly observant
D8 TARGET does not kill
D8 TARGET is the perfect sidekick
D8 TARGET runs his mouth off
D8 TARGET’s a bird of prey
D8 TARGET is totally hot
D8 TARGET’s such a wisecracker
D8 TARGET is more than just a pretty face
D8 Don’t mess with TARGET
D8 TARGET is a natural leader
D8 TARGET has got my back
D8 TARGET shows great promise
D8 TARGET gives wise counsel
D8 TARGET is annoying
D8 TARGET understands the need for family
D8 TARGET might be our future
D8 TARGET is SO frustrating!
D8 TARGET takes the job seriously
D8 TARGET is quick to make a fool of himself
D8 TARGET has a good heart
D8 TARGET is a liar
D8 TARGET needs a break
D8 TARGET has no idea how awesome he’s going to be
D8 Clark is going to be come a legend
D8 TARGET has impressive skills
D8 TARGET is a loving guardian
D8 TARGET is a valuable ally
D8 TARGET has an evil destiny
D8 TARGET’s future is bright
D8 TARGET is a paragon of the future
D8 TARGET can take a joke
D8 TARGET watches over us
D8 I can always count on TARGET
D8 TARGET may be uptight but she’s on the level
D8 TARGET ruins lives
D8 TARGET is the man with the plan
D8 TARGET knows what’s going on
D8 TARGET is an ace reporter
D8 TARGET’s heart belongs to someone else
D8 TARGET is intriguing
D8 TARGET is with us or he’s against us
D8 TARGET is an alien saboteur
D8 TARGET must prove her worth
D8 TARGET is flawed host
D8 TARGET is failed vessel
D8 TARGET is damaged package
D8 TARGET is weak link
D8 TARGET’s going to be a star-mangled kid
D8 TARGET will watch his friends fall to me
D8 TARGET won’t control me
D8 TARGET has it coming
D8 TARGET is in my way
D8 TARGET is more competent than she looks
D8 TARGET inspires resistance
D8 TARGET is on a mission
D8 TARGET can’t control me!
D8 TARGET’s just ungrateful
D8 TARGET knows what she wants
D8 TARGET is a flawed hero
D8 TARGET betrayed us
D8 I know TARGET’s weakness
D8 TARGET is history
D8 TARGET got in the way
D8 TARGET is a small-town hero
D8 TARGET has too much power
D8 TARGET is ruthless but has the resources
D8 TARGET wanted the same things I did
D10 I need to be there for TARGET
D10 TARGET gives me hope.
D10 TARGET needs to get out more.
D10 TARGET isn’t living up to his potential.
D10 TARGET shares my ideals.
D10 TARGET had to be stopped at any cost.
D10 TARGET may be our salvation.
D10 TARGET must join me or die.
D10 I trust TARGET’s loyalty.
D10 TARGET is a formidable ally.
D10 I don’t deserve TARGET
D10 TARGET is hiding a dark secret
D10 TARGET is a corrupting influence
D10 TARGET brings hope to the people of Earth
D10 TARGET can be trusted with secrets
D10 I will stop TARGET no matter what
D10 TARGET is an alien threat
D10 If I can’t have TARGET nobody can
D10 TARGET is on a knife-edge
D10 I could find happiness with TARGET
D10 TARGET is the daughter I never had
D10 I’m helping TARGET be a better hero
D10 TARGET is on the job 24/7
D10 TARGET is a class act
D10 TARGET is a star in her own right
D10 TARGET suffers for his fate
D10 TARGET is an inspiration
D10 TARGET knows that love is timeless
D10 TARGET gives as good as he gets
D10 I wish I could read TARGET’s mind
D10 TARGET’s got the stones for leadership
D10 It’s good that TARGET is light-hearted
D10 TARGET is often too serious
D10 TARGET has led his team well
D10 TARGET needs me
D10 TARGET needs to watch his mouth
D10 TARGET struggles with the right choices
D10 TARGET is cocky and confident
D10 TARGET is a real hero for the world
D10 Bring it on, TARGET
D10 I know TARGET’s secret
D10 I owe TARGET more favors than I can count
D10 TARGET is my perfect soulmate
D10 TARGET has her own problems
D10 TARGET needs to do her thing
D10 I’m worried about TARGET
D10 TARGET must pay!
D12 I can’t tell TARGET my secret
D12 I must help TARGET reach his potential.
D12 TARGET may be the one.
D12 I won’t let TARGET control me anymore.
D12 TARGET keeps the beast from breaking free
D12 It all ends with TARGET
D12 TARGET must create his own destiny
D12 TARGET is my confidante
D12 I understand TARGET better than anyone
D12 I will not keep TARGET from his destiny
D12 TARGET is a mirror of who I was
D12 I have the highest expectations for TARGET
D12 TARGET was always my rock
D12 I will do anything to help TARGET
D12 I will always stick by TARGET
D12 TARGET is the primary hostile


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